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Strategically sited near the north exit of Túnel del Cadí and the french border via Bourg-Madame, the airfield is easy to get to both by car and airplane.

Check the aerodrome usage fees

By car
To get to the aerodrome, we must head towards the town of Alp. From there, a road will take us to the main entrance of the airfield in little more than 5 minutes.

From Barcelona (via Túnel del Cadí)
Leave the city on the C-58 (Sabadell / Terrassa / Manresa) until you get to C-16, which continues until the Túnel del Cadí. Once clear of the tunnel, take the Alp / Puigcerdà exit.
At the main town entrance, we'll find a sign pointing the direction of the aerodrome. Follow this road to the airfield.

From Seu d'Urgell / Andorra
Take the N-260 to Puigcerdà, staying on it until the C-16 exit to Alp. Once arrived in Alp, follow the sign pointing to the aerodrome.

From France (via Bourg-Madame)
Follow the Avinguda del Segre (N-152 / E-9) and, after two roundabouts, we'll stay on the N-152 / E-9 to Alp.
Once in Alp, follow the sign pointing to the aerodrome.

To check the directions from your current location, please visit Google Maps.

By plane

Aircraft approaching La Cerdanya Aerodrome must notify crossing W, SW, SE, or E points stating altitude and intentions.
They will proceed direct to the vertical of the field at 5.100' QNH (1491' QFE) to join the south pattern downwind leg.

In case of NOTAM reporting parachuting or aerobatic activities on the vertical of the field, incoming aircraft will proceed directly to the south pattern downwind leg without crossing the aerodrome's vertical.

The pattern will be flown at 4.600' QNH (991' QFE) avoiding the overfly of populated areas at all times.
In the event of no-wind condition, preferred runway for arrivals will be 07.

In the event of no-wind condition, preferred runway for take-offs will be 25. After take-off, aircraft will proceed direct to one of the exit points W, SW, SE, or E, and will report desired exit point before take-off.

Aircraft will report exiting the ATZ at the W, SW, SE, or E points, stating their altitude.

Special remarks
Technical data

Coordinates: 42º23'18" N 1º 52' 00" E
Altitude: 3609 feet
Runway: 1150 x 23 metres, asfalt, aligned 07/25
Radio Frequency: 123.50 (Self-service)
Location: 2,3km NW from Alp
Tel: +34 937 101 952 / +34 661 232 703
Fax: +34 937 101 290
E-mail: info@aerodromlacerdanya.cat
Customs: No
Fuel station: Coming soon
Hangar space for visiting aircraft: Call +34 661 232 703 / +34 937 101 952 / +34 972 890 361
Transportation: Taxi (information at the flight office or the restaurant)
Restaurant: Urvati Sidreria, at the aerodrome, Tel: +34 666 481 029 / +34 607 202 042
Lodging: Nearby (information at the flight office)

Check the aerodrome usage fees

Use the Aero Club Barcelona-Sabadell Route calculator to calculate the flight time to La Cerdanya Aerodrome